How to Choose the Perfect Colour Scheme for Your Custom Housewares

Choosing the right colours for your custom things around the house can really make your place pop! It's like picking the outfit that makes you feel awesome. With Handcrafted Home, finding those perfect colours for your unique items is super easy and fun, making sure your place feels totally you.

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What Colours Make You Feel Good?

Colours can make a room feel just right. Each colour can make us feel different things. Learning about what feelings go with which colours can help you pick the best ones for your vibe.

custom doormat from Handcrafted Home with ocean print


Think About Your Room

The size and light in your room can help you decide on colours. Bright colours can make a small room feel bigger, and dark colours can make a big room feel cozy. Look at how light plays in your room when picking your colours.


Find Your Spark

You can find ideas for your colours all over the place. It might be from a cool painting, the outdoors, or even a fancy pillow. Let these ideas help you choose shades that match the look you want.

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Colour Wheel to the Rescue

A colour wheel can help you see which colours look good together. You could go with colours that are all about the same, right next to each other, or totally opposite. Knowing a bit about how colours work together can make your place look wow.

Pantone colour wheel reference for custom home decor from Handcrafted Home


Try Before You Buy

Before you say "yes" to your colours, test them in your room. See how they look with the light at different times. This can save you from a "whoops" moment later.

You can always find colour swatches at your local paint shop or hardware store. These swatches can be a great way to help inspire you when picking out colours for your home, not just for paint!


custom bedding from Handcrafted Home in toucan tropical prints


Wrapping It Up

Picking the right colours for your custom things is a big deal for making your home feel like it's really yours. Handcrafted Home is here to help you pick those just-right colours and have fun doing it. Let's turn your house into a home that screams "you" from every corner.

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