Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to create custom housewares at Handcrafted Home?

Typically, it takes just 4 weeks for us to handcraft your personalized pillows and blankets. Everything is manufactured in our home country of Canada in Mississauga, ON.

What printing method is used for Handcrafted Home's custom house decor?

All our products at Handcrafted Home are made with 100% sublimation printing. This process involves using a special heat pressing method to transfer all components of the configured design, such as colors, patterns, and motifs, onto the material. We use 100% polyester for most products to ensure ease of care, breathability, and long-term durability.

What is included in the cost of Handcrafted Home's custom housewares?

Your designs and any customizations are inclusive in the price of your personalized pillows and blankets! At Handcrafted Home, we don't charge extra for design features, different styles or names on your items. We also have no order minimum so you can order 1 item at a time.

What is the minimum order quantity at Handcrafted Home?

We can accommodate orders as small as 1 piece at a time for all our products, including custom pillows, blankets, towels, and door mats.

How do I order personalized housewares from Handcrafted Home?

If you’re looking for a fully custom product, simply select the blank option when purchasing that product. Once your order payment is processed, our team will be in touch with you to help you design your very own custom blanket, pillow, towel or any other product you’ve ordered.

Do I need to bring a design to customize my housewares at Handcrafted Home?

Not at all! Our skilled team of custom houseware designers can bring your design to life based on any example you provide – whether it's screenshots, hand-drawn images, or just a concept.

How long does it take to turn my design into artwork for custom housewares at Handcrafted Home?

Initial designs are typically presented within 3-5 business days. Upon your approval, we'll commence the creation of your personalized pillows and blankets.

Is there any charge for designs at Handcrafted Home?

There's no additional charge for custom artwork and designs when you order a custom product from Handcrafted Home.

Can I cancel or return my order at Handcrafted Home?

Unfortunately, since everything we produce is strictly custom printed, we cannot accommodate any returns. Additionally, alterations or changes to your order are not guaranteed. Once your order is paid, it is automatically approved and sent to production.

How do I wash, dry, and care for my custom housewares from Handcrafted Home?

Before washing your custom pillow cases and other housewares, turn them inside if possible. If you are washing a blanket, curtains or another custom house accessory that cannot be turned inside out, simply wash on a gentle cycle.

Avoid washing your items with any other zipper or velcro items, hang dry if possible, and do not iron.

Can I request product samples from Handcrafted Home?

Unfortunately we do not carry in-house samples for any Handcrafted Home items. All of our custom products come in standard sizes and are printed to-order.

If you are curious about our fabrics, we can create sample swatches of fabrics to be shipped to your door or picked up at our facility Mississauga.

Are there discount rates for bulk orders?

Yes - we typically offer discount rates on bulk orders of 7 items or more.

For smaller items like napkins and coasters, bulk rates apply to orders of 100 or more. Please Contact Us for more details on placing a bulk order.

What is the advantage of sublimation at Handcrafted Home?

The sublimation process at Handcrafted Home offers full design freedom, 100% breathability, colour-fastness even after numerous wash cycles, and exceptional durability without becoming brittle or breaking.

All designs are heat-pressed into the fabric so that the prints are a part of the item itself, and will last as long as the fabric does.

Can you colour match at Handcrafted Home?

Certainly! If you have colour codes, let our team know in advance by contacting us above. If you order a custom product from our store, a member of our team will be in touch to arrange all design details with you.

Please note that colours may appear differently on screens than they do in person.

Do you have any other products or sizes available?

If you’re looking for a specific product or size that isn’t available in our online shop, just contact us! We’re always expanding our design and product offerings, and can accommodate most custom requests.