Van Life Decor: Unique Customizable Items to Match Your Lifestyle

Choosing a van life means embracing the open road, adventure, and a unique sense of home. For those of us who love this lifestyle, making our vans feel like a cozy, personalized space is essential.

That's where the right van life decor comes in. It's not just about making your van look good; it's about transforming it into a space that feels truly yours, no matter where you park. At Handcrafted Home, we've got your back with a range of customizable van life decor items designed to fit your mobile living space perfectly.

Eager to make your van feel more like home? Check out our van life decor collection and start customizing today.

Van life decor is all about smart, space-efficient choices that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Whether it's custom-sized curtains for a bit of privacy, a doormat that catches the eye (and dirt!), or other decor essentials, each piece plays a part in turning your van into a home.

custom house decor from Handcrafted Home, made in Canada with unique prints


Custom Curtains: More Than Just Window Dressing

In van life, curtains do double duty: they give you privacy and help set the mood of your mobile home. We offer curtains that can be customized to fit any window size, ensuring you get both the look and functionality you need.

Choose from a variety of designs or work with us here to create something uniquely you.


Doormats: Welcome Home, Wherever You Are

flamingo print custom doormat with blue palm leaves

A doormat might seem like a small touch, but it's the first thing you see when you step into your van. Customizable in size, our doormats not only keep your space clean but also add a personal touch to your doorstep. Pick a design that complements your van life decor, and let your doormat say "welcome home" every time you come back from an adventure.


Shower Curtains: Compact Bathing with Style

custom Shower Curtains with flower print for home or mobile living

For those lucky enough to have a built-in bathroom, a shower curtain is a must. It's not just about privacy; it's about infusing your compact bathroom with style. Our shower curtains come in various designs and can be tailored to fit your space, adding a pop of personality to your van life decor.


Blankets: Snuggle Up in Style

custom blanket with toucan print for bedrooms or couches

When the day ends, and it's time to unwind, a cozy blanket is your best friend. Our collection includes styles from lightweight to plush, all customizable to match your van life decor. Wrap yourself in a blanket that's as warm as it is stylish, perfect for chilly nights under the stars.


Looking for Something Special?

Got an idea for a piece of van life decor but can't find it in our collection? No problem! We love bringing new ideas to life. Let us know what you're thinking, and we'll work with you to create a custom piece that fits your vision.

Dreaming of decor that matches your van life vibe? Let's make it a reality with our customizable options.


Design Your Unique Home Decor Today with Handcrafted Home

Personalizing your van with custom decor isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating a space that feels authentically yours, no matter where your travels take you. With Handcrafted Home's customizable van life decor, your van won't just be a vehicle—it'll be a reflection of your journey, your style, and your home on the road.

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