What are the Standard Sizes for Bed Pillows? A Simple Guide

Choosing the right pillow size isn't just about comfort; it's also about complementing your bedroom decor and ensuring your bedding looks as good as it feels. While personal preference and sleeping style play significant roles in selecting a pillow, starting with the standard sizes can help you narrow down your options.

At Handcrafted Home, we offer a wide variety of pillow sizes, with everything from standard fills to customizable cases. Let's delve into the usual pillow sizes and how you can pick the perfect one for your space.

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The Most Common Sizes for Pillows

These common pillow sizes are designed to match well with different bed sizes. Here's a breakdown of the standard pillow sizes you’ll typically see:

  • Standard - 20 inches by 26 inches: The most versatile size, fitting snugly on twin beds and working well in pairs on larger beds.
  • Queen - 20 inches by 30 inches: A bit longer than the standard, these pillows offer extra room on queen-sized beds.
  • King - 20 inches by 36 inches: These elongated pillows are ideal for king-sized beds, providing ample support and style.
Throw Pillow 20x26 size with beach animals print in full sublimation inks


Other Pillow Sizes at Handcrafted Home

Apart from these conventional sizes, we understand that sometimes a custom touch is what truly makes a space feel like home. That's why we offer a variety of sizes for filled pillows:

10 x 10”, 16 x 16”, 18 x 18”, 20 x 20”, 20 x 26”

custom throw pillow sizes from Handcrafted Home in various prints

And for those who have unique sizing in mind or want to perfectly match their decor, our custom pillow case option allows you to design and order a case in any size. Tailoring your pillows to your exact specifications has never been easier.

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Choose a Unique Pillow for Your Room Today!

In conclusion, whether you're adhering to standard pillow sizes or opting for a custom dimension, the key is to choose what elevates your comfort and suits your style. With Handcrafted Home, finding or creating the ideal pillow—be it for sleeping, lounging, or decorative purposes—is straightforward and satisfying. Dive into our collection today and start bringing your vision of the perfect bedding to life.

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